BEC Guard

BEC Guard - suojapiiri

39,90 EUR

  • Tuote nro: OPRBG001

Tuotteen kuvaus

  • Suojaa vastaanotinta ja servoja BECin aiheuttamilta häiriöiltä:
  • BEC Guard eliminates back EMF
  • BEC Guard smooths the voltage output, eliminating voltage fluctuations which can reduce “brown outs” caused by momentary low BEC voltages
  • Eliminates voltage spikes to receiver in excess of 10V
  • Can eliminate over voltage up to 100V, thereafter shuts down protecting the radio equipment from over voltage.
  • If used in conjunction with ULTRA GUARD, in the event of the over voltage hitting 100V and the subsequent shutdown the ULTRA GUARD would then take over and supply the backup power for safe retrieval of the model.
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