Central BOX 320, 2x Rsat2 ja RCSW

533,90 EUR

  • Tuote nro: J-CB-320-RS-RCSW

Tuotteen kuvaus

Central box 320, 2 satelliittivastaanotinta ja RC-kytkin

Suojaus jokaiselle servolle, 8 vahvaa ja 10 normaaliservoa

has overload protection on each servo output.
8 channels for powerful servos and 10 channels for standard servos

• Adjustable powerful BEC for voltage stabilization 
   (connection of standard or HV servos) 
• DITEX servo telemetry support 
• Possibility to connect up to 3 receivers with serial communication 
• built-in Expander function with the possibility of independent connection 
  of up to four JETI EX sensors 
• Input for magnetic switch or RC switch
• Power supply batteries connected via MPX connector
• 100Hz mode of servo outputs (10ms period)
• EX telemetry support (measurement of voltage, current, capacity, temperature, etc.)
• Easy settings changes via DC/DS transmitter („Device explorer“)
• Robust metal construction with mounting holes

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